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Allianz projekt för lika löner vinner det tyska priset för personalförvaltning



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Ireland Rolls Out New Pay Equity Law

Ireland Rolls Out New Pay Equity Law

This summer, Ireland implemented a far-reaching pay equity legislation, the Gender Pay Gap Information Act 2021. This legislation requires employers to begin reporting on their gender pay gaps. Companies will need to report differences in the mean and median pay between male and female employees. And if there’s a pay disparity, the company will need to provide a written explanation for it and outline any steps planned to close the gap.

PayAnalytics Year in Review: 2022

PayAnalytics Year in Review: 2022

PayAnalytics looks back on a productive 2022. We rolled out several new features to support customers on their pay equity journeys, and we celebrated big milestones for several of our customers. In addition, our team presented at conferences and published their research to promote pay equity worldwide.

Pay Transparency Requirements Take Effect in New York City

Companies hiring in New York City have been changing the way they advertise job openings in response to the new pay transparency law. The New York City pay transparency law's effective date was November 1, 2022, and since then, companies with four or more employees must post the pay range for every job posting. The law covers all NYC-based companies. It also covers companies beyond city limits posting remote jobs that may be filled by NYC-based workers.

Getting started on pay equity analysis in 5 easy steps

It’s becoming more important for companies to take action on pay equity. This shift is driven by new legislation and by increased awareness on the part of both consumers and employees. The journey begins with collecting employee data, grouping similar employees, and running a pay equity analysis. This article tells you how.

Defensive versus offensive strategies to close the pay gap - A Coffee Talk

Not all companies have the same motivations for closing their equal pay gaps. In this week’s Coffee Talk, Margret speaks with PayAnalytics co-founder David Anderson about the two major types of motivation and how they influence companies’ decision-making. This short discussion is based on David’s recent presentation at the WorldatWork pay equity forum in Austin, Texas.

Det ojusterade lönegapet jämfört med det justerade lönegapet

Demografiska löneskillnader är ett växande problem, och behovet av lösningar för en mer rättvis lönesättning blir allt mer angeläget. Begreppet brukar gå under benämningen "lönegapet". Men vad är då för för skillnad mellan det justerade och det ojusterade lönegapet?